Profit Squad

Grow your marketing with expert insights and training.

Make Digital Marketing Your Superpower

We're excited to announce a game changing community that will help you grow your business. The Profit Squad is designed to empower small businesses, solopreneurs, and those getting started with digital marketing. With the tools, insights, and training needed to successfully grow your business.

Join A Growing Community

Gain access to exclusive small group webinars and Q&A with marketing experts.

Enjoy Incredible Benefits

When you join The Profit Squad, you'll get amazing benefits to jump start your marketing and grow your business.

Free Google Ads setup by a digital advertising expert

$500 free ad spend when you spend your first $500

You manage your marketing with access to expert training, Q&A, and live call access

Initial 1-hour coaching/handoff call

Access to monthly group "hot seat" coaching calls

Lifetime community forum access with expert Q&A

Access to our training video library

Guidance on setting up tools used by the pros

$499/month for 12 months


Struggling to create effective marketing campaigns?

The Profit Squad is here to help.

We want to come alongside you and be your partners in growing your business. That's our passion.

So, join The Profit Squad and let's have a breakthrough together. I can't wait to welcome you aboard. See you on the other side.

Expert insights

Insights webinars

Live support


How It Works

When you join the Profit Squad, we will work with you through a comprehensive discovery and onboarding process. We will then train and coach you on the same SEO and PPC playbooks that we use every day to grow organic traffic and leads for our clients and manage millions of dollars in advertising spend.

New to Google Ads? We've got your back! We offer a free account setup, and for those already running Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other ads, we'll give you $500 in free ad spend when you spend your first $500. Let's tune up your account with a free one-hour audit and cleanup. We'll maximize the impact of your marketing fast and make this ROI positive within 30 days.

Meet The Man Behind The Mission

Ben Page is the Founder and CEO of 2100 Digital, and he's kickstarting The Profit Squad to empower small businesses and solopreneurs.

Since 2011, Ben has been driven to understand the first principles of digital marketing, user behavior, team performance, and personal & business growth. I've distilled what I've learned into principles that apply across platforms that can benefit most any advertiser!

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